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WVBA 4v4 League

The ASC 4v4 League is Full

Click here for week 3 Schedule for both Waves

Wave 1    5:00pm-6:30pm    Wave 2    7:00pm-8:30

Click here for week 2 Results

Week Sundays
Week 1 October 11th
Week 2 October 18th
Week 3 October 25th
Week 4 November 1st
Week 5 November 8th
Week 6 November 15th
Week 7 November 22nd

Wave Schedule

Wave 1: 5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Wave 2: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Video Feeds

Week 1 Video Recordings

Wave 1  (5pm-6:30pm) Wave 2  (7pm-8:30pm)
Court 1 Court 1
Court 2 Court 2
Court 3 Court 3
Court 4 Court 4
Court 5 Court 5
Court 6 Court 6



This is a 4v4 league program. Each team will have 5 players to play on the team so that you will be able to play every week in case 1 player can't make it. Games will be self-reffed by the players so please be honest about your nets and in/out calls :)

Each week there will be two waves based on ranking with no more than 18 teams per wave. 3 teams per court. Please make sure you use a good email so we can send your playing schedule and any updates. 

Winners will receive tournament champion t-shirts at the end of the league.

This is a great chance to enjoy some competition without coaches in your grill!!!


$350 per TEAM ($70 per person)

Have your team captain sign up and collect $70 from your teammates. Completing this registration holds a spot for 1 team

7-week program 

5 Players per Team