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Academy Volleyball League [4th-9th grade]

AVL Summer Registration Is Now Open!

AVL Summer 1 (July 10th-August 4th)

AVL Summer 2 (August 7th-September 1st)

Level 1 (4th-7th Graders) - 5:00-6:30PM

Level 2 (7th-9th Graders) - 7:00-8:30PM 

Summer AVL sessions will be four weeks instead of the traditional six weeks with a tournament in place of the final practice. There will be two of these four week sessions. AVL Summer 1 will have six practices before the tournament instead of seven due to a scheduling conflict with summer camps and will be discounted accordingly.  The usual 6-week schedule will resume in the fall. 

*No Practice July 28th*

About AVL

Academy Volleyball League is a 6 week volleyball training and competition program for girls AND boys in 4th-9th grade. This is an opportunity to train with some of the best volleyball coaches in the NW.  We  train on Mondays and Fridays and will have 2  in-house tournaments as well.

We are committed to training the whole athlete through the latest coaching techniques and philosophies. We do very little talking during the training portion of our practice, with most of their time spent in drills that emphasize a maximum amount of quality ball contacts. Players that are learning need to have as many opportunities for a trial and error experience reading movement and contacting the ball. A Trial – Feedback – Strategy – Repeat process is utilized as much as possible, allowing our players to attain tremendous levels of competence in all six skills of volleyball. All players are trained in all skills.

Some more info...

What kind of experience do I need for the AVL?

The AVL is for a beginner or intermediate player who wants to improve their skills to play club or for their school.  Athletes who have only had YMCA or Boys and Girls Club experience are encouraged to join AVL. 

The first week of each session - coaches will assess players and put them into groups based on their skill level.  This assessment is done through a competitive ranking tournament that places players into groups of similar ability. Court Teams will train together as we introduce the skills and they will compete in two in-house tournaments during the 6-week season. 

2023 Spring AVL Schedule

Mondays Fridays
April 10th April 14th (CANCELLED)
April 17th April 21st
April 24th April 28th
May 1st (Tournament) May 5th
May 8th May 12th
May 15th May 19th
May 22nd (Tournament)

2023 Summer 1 AVL Schedule

Mondays Fridays
July 10th July 14th
July 17th July 21st
July 31st August 4th (Tournament)

2023 Summer 2 AVL Schedule

Mondays Fridays
August 7th August 11th
August 14th August 18th
August 21st August 25th
August 28th September 1st (Tournament)


  • 6-week session (sessions ran year-round)
  • Monday and Fridays for 1.5 Hours
  • Level 1: 5:00-6:30PM, Level 2: 7:00-8:30PM
  • 2 Tournaments (In-House)  per session
  • All Training is at Academy Sports Center
  • Cost is $250 per player 
  • AVL Summer 1 is $170 per player 
  • AVL Summer 2 is $185 per player 


  • CO-ED volleyball training for 4th-9th Graders
  • Teams created based on skill level
  • Fast-paced volleyball skills training and competition
  • The more ball contacts – the faster the improvement

Upcoming AVL Sessions

  • AVL Summer 1: July 10 - Aug 4
  • AVL Summer 2: Aug 7 - Sept 1


Shawna Slagle

Phone: (425) 745-0866