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Facility Information

Academy Sports Center

2810 Lincoln Way
Lynnwood, WA 98087

P 425.745.0866


The Academy Sports Center is a brand new facility which makes it’s home in Lynnwood, WA – near the Mukilteo Speedway.  It beautiful and comfortable for both participants and their fans.

Amenities include:

  • 25 Bathrooms
  • Lots of lighting
  • Unubstructed and very high ceilings
  • Plenty of bench and bleacher seating – NO OUTSIDE CHAIRS
  • Pro Shop with all the latest shoes and other volleyball apparel and gear

Concession Stand – The Academy Grill - Currently Closed

Concession Stand Currently Closed

We will allow outside food until we reopen the concession stand. Please be sure to clean up after your team! There are no team tables or team buffets allowed. We do provide tables and seating for approximately 160 upstairs in our mezzanine level.

We ask that you try to eat during your breaks and then quickly clean up and allow the tables to be used by other teams when they take their breaks. Any items left abandoned on tables or chairs will be removed.


We ask that all spectators use common sense whether or not to wear face coverings while inside the facility. We trust that spectators will also use common sense about social distancing and take other precautions to protect themselves and others.

Teams and their spectators that are not currently playing or officiating should vacate the court area to allow for more space for the teams that are playing. Teams that are off should either move upstairs or outside if the weather permits.