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2018 Holiday Bootcamp - WVBA Players Only!

Our Holiday Bootcamp is open to WVBA CLUB PLAYERS ONLY.

It's the one and only time that we really break down all of the  WVBA skills and systems to small details for our new club players. 

It’s highly encouraged to attend as many sessions as you can over the holiday break.

Select any single session date for $30 or all 8 sessions for $200.

Session Dates and Times

Session 1    12/27    9a-12p                Serving
Session 2    12/27    1p-4p                   Forearm passing
Session 3    12/28    9a-12p                Attacking
Session 4    12/28    1p-4p                   Digging  
Session 5    12/29    9a-12p                Blocking
Session 6    12/29    1p-4p                   Setting
Session 7    12/30    9a-12p                Defensive Systems
Session 8    12/30    1p-4p                   Offensive Systems