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WVBA Club Information



At WVBA we break our club into two distinct training units.

The High School Prep Unit (HSP) consists of U12-U14 teams. The players in the HSP unit are being trained in order to be successful on their high school teams the following fall and to have the skills necessary to advance to the College Prep Unit within the club when they finish their sophomore season of high school.

The College Prep Unit (CP) consists of U15-U18 teams. Players in the CP unit are being trained to ensure they are successful at the next level should they decide to continue playing in college or beyond. Our teams are formed with a minimum of ten (10) players. All training in each unit is designed and overseen by a master coach to ensure consistent teaching of technique and team systems. All teams train in a collaborative environment where all coaches are following the same practice plan and working with all of the players within the unit.

We do very little talking during our practices, with most of their time spent in drills that emphasize a maximum amount of quality ball contacts. Players that are learning need to have as many opportunities for a trial and error experience reading movement and contacting the ball. A Trial – Feedback – Strategy – Repeat process is utilized as much as possible which allows our players to attain tremendous levels of competence in all six skills of volleyball through these training methods. All players are trained in all skills.

The HSP unit will train on Tue/Thu with an OPTIONAL Wednesday every week. Through our fast-paced training environment every player should receive 1,200-1,800 ball contacts each week and over the course of a season, should experience well over 35,000 ball contacts during their 250 hours of training and approximately 100 hours of competition.

The CP unit will train on Tue/Thu with an OPTIONAL Wednesday every week plus one hour of strength training on Mondays. The CP unit trains for approximately 250 hours over the course of a season and will compete for another 100+ hours. During these 350+ hours every player should experience more than 2,000 ball contacts each week and over 60,000 ball contacts for the season. You cannot ‘tell’ a player how to play volleyball, no matter how much you know. There is simply no substitute for massive numbers of ball contacts during a season to increase individual skill.

Regional teams will have aproximately a 6 month season with competition twice a month and will train with our National teams. Regional teams will also train Tue/Thu and have the option to come on Wednesdays.   Regional season runs through Memorial Day Weekend.



College Prep (U15-U18) Practice 4p-6:30p
High School Prep (U12-U14) Practice 6:30p-9p                      

Wednesday - OPTIONAL

College Prep (U15-U18) Practice 4p-6:30p
High School Prep (U12-U14) Practice 6:30p-9p           


College Prep (U15-U18) Practice 4p-6:30p
High School Prep (U12-U14) Practice 6:30p-9p 


About Academy Sports Center

The Academy Sports Center is the home for WVBA.  Our state-of-the-art practice and tournament facility features:

  • 6 courts on beautiful heated maple floors
  • Full weight training and circuit training areas
  • Competition space with elevated spectator viewing area, team break areas, food concessions, volleyball pro shop, 25 bathrooms
  • Staff conference room and offices
  • Fully Stocked training room during practices and competitions.

Our facility is located at 2810 Lincoln Way, just east of the interchange of SR-525 (turns into Mukilteo Speedway) and SR-99 and less than 5 minutes from the junction of I-5 and I-405. Get Directions