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Click on the link below to register for WVBA Tryouts

***You must complete your USAV Tryout Membership prior to registering with WVBA**

Follow the steps below to complete your USAV Tryout Membership:


USA Volleyball Registration is a Two Step Process:

Step 1 will be to purchase a $5 Junior Tryout Registration Prior to Participating in Tryouts for a Club - CLICK HERE

Step 2 will be to upgrade to the full junior membership AFTER you have signed a contract to play for a club team.

Saturday October 26th

U12 Team Tryout (5th and 6th grades)



U13 National Team tryout (7th Grade)

U14 National Team tryout (8th Grade)

U14 Regional TEAM Tryout (7th/8th Grade)


Sunday November 24th

U15 National Team Tryouts (9th graders)


U16 National Team Tryouts (10th Graders)

U16 Regional Team Tryouts (9th and 10th Grades)

U17/18 National Team Tryouts

(11th and 12th Graders)






Get Prepared for Tryouts!

Missed the open house?

No worries! All documents that were handed out are available below. If you still have further questions call or email! 

Sabrina Dejesus

Director of Operations

Phone: (425)745-0866

Tryout Prep Camp

If you're nervous about tryouts or just want to get some reps before the real deal, WVBA's second annual mock tryout is being held the week before both tryout dates! This is a great opportunity to meet coaches and go through drills and testing in advance so that you know exactly what to expect during tryouts.         

U15-U18 Tryout Prep Camp

November 17th



Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.  How do I know which tryout time to go to?

A 1.  Your daughter should attend the tryout based on her USAV age which is how old she will be on Aug 31, 2020.  Example: a 7th grader who is 12 years old today, but will turn 13 before Aug 31st . This means she is a U13.  

There are a few exceptions to this rule: If you are interested in the Regional Team  option, then you may select that option.  U14 Regional Tryouts are open to all U11-U14 players.  U16 Regional Tryouts are open to all U15 and U16 players. 

Q 2.  What is the difference between the Regional Team and Travel Team?

A 2.  There are very few differences between these two different types of teams:

* ALL TEAMS (TRAVEL/REGIONAL) WILL ONLY PRACTICE 2 TIMES A WEEK - TUE/THUR.   Wednesday night practice will be OPTIONAL positional training.

*ALL teams will be traveling to Spokane for at least one weekend for Northwest Power League. The Power League has expanded to now include even more teams from WA, ID, MT, and BC Canada. 

* Season Length - The regional teams finish their season with the Regional Championship which is either the last weekend  of April for U14 or the first weekend of May for U16.  The travel teams continue through the middle of June. 

*  Tournaments -

U14 Regional Teams WILL travel to SPOKANE in March for a 3 day tournament and again for Northwest Power League.  All other tournaments will be in the Puget Sound Area. 

U16 REGIONAL Teams  WILL travel to Eugene, OR in January and WILL travel to SPOKANE in March as well as once for Northwest Power League.   These are their only overnight tournaments.  All other tournaments will be in the Puget Sound Area.

U14 (and under) Travel teams will also go to Spokane for a 3-day tournament in March and once for Northwest Power League and they will finish their season with a week long trip and 4 days of play in Anaheim, CA or Orlando, FL at the end of June. 

U16 Travel Teams have more travel - they would also travel to Eugene and Spokane but also travel by plane up to 3 additional times.   Possible trips Las Vegas and the national championship in Orlando, FL in June.. 

*  Cost - There are significant cost differences in the TRAVEL ASSESSMENT between the Regional Team option and the Travel Team option however, since all teams are switching to a 2 night a week schedule, the only difference in  the cost is due to the length of the season. 

These numbers will be made available soon.

Q 3.  I think my daughter should "play up" one year.  What should I do?

A 3.  Our mission is to prepare all players to be nationally competitive in their age division. WVBA coaches will assess your daughter during her official tryout to determine if we believe that is the best option for her development. 

Q 4.  When will we know if we made a team at WVBA?

A 4.  Offers are made to players to join the club during the tryout. 

Q 5. Do you have to accept the offer during the tryout?  What if we are planning on attending another tryout?

A 5.  If more time is needed or you still have other tryouts to attend before you can decide, you will be allowed 72 hours before a decision needs to be made. If additional time is needed, that can be discussed with the coaches. 

Q 6. Will we know what team we made during the tryout?

A 6. No.   We do not feel it is fair to the player, the parents, or the coaches to make such an important decision within the limited time of our tryouts.  We need to place players on teams that we believe offer the player the optimum opportunity for their growth and development during the current club season.  Players will be offered a spot with our club, but not a specific team.  We take the first 2 weeks of practices for more evaluation and then we place players onto teams that we believe will allow for the greatest progress for the player during the upcoming season.. 


The Academy Sports Center is the home for WVBA.  Our state-of-the-art practice and tournament facility features:

  • 6 courts on beautiful heated maple floors
  • Full weight training and circuit training areas
  • Competition space with elevated spectator viewing area, team break areas, food concessions, volleyball pro shop, 25 bathrooms
  • Staff conference room and offices
  • Staffed athletic training room during practices and competitions.

Our facility is located at 2810 Lincoln Way, just east of the interchange of SR-525 (turns into Mukilteo Speedway) and SR-99 and less than 5 minutes from the junction of I-5 and I-405. Get Directions

This season we are planning to fill the following teams: (2) U12 Teams, (2) U13 Travel Teams, (3) U14 Travel Teams, (2) U14 Regional Teams,  (3) U15 Travel Teams (3) U16 Travel Teams, (1-2) U16 Regional Teams, (2) U17 Travel Teams and (2) U18 Travel Teams 

Our tryout fee is $25


Want to Learn More About Our Training Style and Schedule?