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Tryout registration coming soon

For the 2024-2025 season, WVBA U15-U18s Club Volleyball Tryouts will be July 27th! 

WVBA U12-U14s Club Volleyball Tryouts will be October 26th. 

Tryout times, Registration, and updated information will be released soon. 


About WVBA Club Volleyball

Club volleyball is for players who want to play competitively with a high-level team. Our season runs from November to June with 3 practice days per week (Wednesdays optional), and up to 2 tournaments per month. Our National teams will occasionally travel out of state for a tournament (including AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL in June) and our regional teams stay in state.

We have 2 different practice units: High School Prep (U12-U14) from 6:30-9:00 and College Prep (U15-U18) from 4:00-6:30. Practices are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our goal with the High School Prep unit is to get players ready to perform at varsity level when they get to high school. Our goal with the College Prep unit is to prepare players to play in college. We have over 200 former players who've played in college after graduating from our program, many of them going D1. 

Our practice environment is fast-paced and effective. Our philosophy on practice is to provide the most ball contacts possible as we've found that is the fastest way to improve the skill level of our athletes. When forming teams we almost always assign 10 players per team to minimize the number of kids who sit on the bench at a time (many clubs have teams of 12- only 6 people can play at a time!)

If your child is in love with volleyball and wants to play competitively then club season is the way to go! If you are looking to learn more about WVBA and our club season, check out our website and scroll down for our FAQ or email your questions to

Last season we were able to fill the following teams: (1) U12 Regional Team, (2) U13 National Team, (5) U14 National Teams, (1) Combined U13/U14 Regional Teams,  (3) U15 National Teams (4) U16 National Teams, (1) Combined U15/U16 Regional Teams, (2) U17 National Teams, (2) U18 National Teams

We are looking to fill similar amounts of teams for this upcoming season. Slight adjustments may be made according to tryout size and selection. 

Get Prepared for Tryouts!

2023-2024 WVBA Club Season Tryout Registration Lookup

To look up the details of a completed 2023-2024 WVBA Club Season Tryout Registration registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.

Click to view all of your completed registrations.

*Must be signed in to SportsEngine account to lookup registration above

Tryout Forms

Please print, sign, and bring both forms to your tryout.

Forms will be accepted at the time of check-in, 20-30 mins before Tryouts start.

Bring to Tryouts

  • Players MUST have a completed tryout registration prior to attending tryouts
  • Bring both of your signed tryout JVA forms (linked below)
  • Wear preferred athletic clothing (players will wear a provided pinny over their shirt) and court shoes. Kneepads are highly recommended. 
  • Bring a water bottle 
  • Come ready to work hard with a great attitude!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.  How do I know which tryout time to go to?

A 1.  We suggest that players try out for their grade level and must abide by the JVA age classifications. Your player's JVA age is how old they will be on July 1st, 2024.  Example: a 7th grader who is 12 years old today, but will turn 13 on or before July 1st, 2024- This means they are a U13.  


Below are the suggested tryouts for each grade/ graduation year:

2024= 12th Grade (suggested Tryout U18s)

2025= 11th Grade (suggested Tryout U17s)

2026= 10th Grade (suggested Tryout U16s)

2027= 9th Grade (suggested Tryout U15s)

2028= 8th Grade (suggested Tryout U14s)

2029= 7th Grade (suggested Tryout U13s)

2030= 6th Grade (suggested Tryout U12s)

2031 and beyond (suggested Tryout U12s)


There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are interested in the Regional Team option, then you may select that option.  U12 Regional Tryouts are open to all U10-U12 Players. U14 Regional Tryouts are open to all U13-U14 players.  
  • If you are USAV eligible to play for the age group lower than your grade (young for your grade)- we still suggest playing up with your grade. 
  • If you are NOT USAV eligible to play for the grade (old for your grade), you must play at your age eligibility. We do not have age waivers for players. 


Q 2.  What is the difference between Regional Teams and National Teams?

A 2.  There are very few differences between these two different types of teams:

  • ALL teams will be traveling to Spokane for at least one weekend for Northwest Power League.
  • Season Length - The regional teams finish their season at the end of May through the Memorial Day Weekend tournament (ECC).  The National teams continue through the middle/late June to compete at AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL. 
  • Tournaments -
    • U14 Regional Teams WILL travel to Spokane and Vancouver, WA for two 2-day tournament for our Northwest Power League. These will be their only overnight tournaments. All other tournaments will be in the Puget Sound Area. 
    • U13-U15 National teams will also go to Spokane and Vancouver, WA for two 2-day tournament for our Northwest Power League and they will finish their season with a week-long trip and 4 days of play in AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL at the end of June. 
    • U16-U18 National Teams have more travel - they would also travel to Spokane and Vancouver, WA but also travel by plane up to 3 additional times.   Possible trips include 3Step MLK Invitational in Houston, TX, Adidas Bluegrass in Louisville, KY, 3Step Emperor's Cup in Las Vegas, NV, and the AAU National Championship in Orlando, FL in June.
    • Cost - There are significant cost differences in the TRAVEL COST between the Regional Team option and the National Team option. Club dues will be similar between all age divisions but there will be an additional travel cost for national players. 

*We will not be having a Regional Team for our U15s/U16s age group for the 2023-2024 season. 

These numbers will be made available soon.


Q 3.  I think my daughter should "play up" one year.  What should I do?

A 3.  Our mission is to prepare all players to be nationally competitive in their age division. WVBA coaches will assess your player during their official tryout to determine if we believe that is the best option for their development. 


Q 4.  When will we know if we made a team at WVBA?

A 4.  Offers are made to players to join the club during the tryout. 


Q 5. Do you have to accept the offer during the tryout?  What if we are planning on attending another tryout?

A 5. If players are offered a contract at tryouts, it is because we WANT them to play at WVBA- and we hope that the feeling is mutual. Players accept offers on the spot or discuss with their parents during the tryout period. If you were given an offer but need more time after the tryout is over, we will no longer hold a spot for you and you will be placed on our alternate list. If still interested, you can contact us post-tryout to see if we have availability.  We would prefer to take players who have WVBA as their first choice!


Q 6. Will we know what team we made during the tryout?

A 6. No.   We do not feel it is fair to the player, the parents, or the coaches to make such an important decision within the limited time of our tryouts.  We need to place players on teams that we believe offer the player the optimum opportunity for their growth and development during the current club season.  Players will be offered a spot with our club, but not a specific team.  We take the first couple of weeks of practices for more evaluation and then we place players onto teams that we believe will allow for the greatest progress for the player during the upcoming season...


Q 7: How many teams is WVBA planning to fill this season?

A7: We are hoping to fill at least as many teams as we had for the 2022-2023 season*. Last season we were able to fill 22 teams and had the following: (1) U12 Teams, (2) U13 National Teams, (5) U14 National Teams, (1) U14 Regional Teams,  (3) U15 National Teams (4) U16 National Teams, (1) U16 Regional Teams, (2) U17 National Teams and (2) U18 National Teams 

*Exact teams may vary depending on tryouts and numbers in each age division. 


Q 8: Does my Player need a USAV Membership to Tryout?

A 8: No- Players do not need a USAV membership for our tryout or our season. Players just need a completed registration and the two provided JVA forms (Medical Release and Release of Liability)


Q 9: Where can I find the two JVA forms needed for Tryouts?

A 9: Right here!


Q 10: Is there a fee for Tryouts?

A10: Tryouts will have an associated fee of $35 for all players . There is an Early Bird discount for registering prior to Oct 1st where the cost will be $25 per player. 


Have more questions? 

Shawna Slagle

Director of Operations

Phone: (425)745-0866


The Academy Sports Center is the home for WVBA.  Our state-of-the-art practice and tournament facility features:

  • 6 courts on beautiful heated maple floors
  • Full weight training and circuit training areas
  • Competition space with elevated spectator viewing area, team break areas, food concessions, volleyball pro shop, 25 bathrooms
  • Staff conference room and offices
  • Fully Stocked training room during practices and competitions.

Our facility is located at 2810 Lincoln Way, Lynnwood WA 98087

We are just east of the interchange of SR-525 (turns into Mukilteo Speedway) and SR-99 and less than 5 minutes from the junction of I-5 and I-405. Get Directions

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